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toleo olive tree sponsorship in Halkidiki

Olive tree - sponsorship

Are you a lover of the olive tree, its liquid gold and grateful for what

nature gives us?

Become a sponsor of your own olive tree and become part of our team.

What does sponsorship mean?

A sponsorship is the voluntary assumption of a duty of care.

With the adoption of an olive tree sponsorship, the care and protection of one of our
existing olive trees are financially supported.

Our olive trees are cared for in a natural way, without chemical pesticides,
Fertilizers and other things that make the work of cultivation (care) and harvesting all the more difficult. Through
this way, we have a lower yield of olive oil, but more qualitative and closer to what the
Nature has bestowed on us, without the effects of chemicals or anything else that once existed anymore
deal damage.

One of these trees can now be under your protection. Because only a healthy olive tree gives
us healthy fruits and therefore also the best olive oil.

With an annual fee of € 120.00 including shipping costs. you are entitled to:


  • Your olive tree gets a name tag with your desired name.

  • A sponsorship certificate, within a very short time by email or post.

  • Pictures/videos about the development, harvest, care of your godfather tree over the course of the
    sponsorship year by email.

  • In November of that sponsorship year, a box comes to your home with 10x
    500ml bottles of Agoureleo "the young" (our first produced extra virgin olive oil of the
    year), regardless of when you become a sponsor.

  • You can always visit your olive tree on site. Reason your holiday with the
    To combine visit and to discover the place of your godfather olive tree.


The sponsorship is valid for one year and is extended by a further year after payment before expiry.

What is agoureleo?

It is the first extra virgin olive oil of the year, made from green unripe olives and
which has the most health-promoting properties of that olive oil.

This so-called early harvest begins at the beginning of October and is valid for a short time.

In order to obtain the perfect quality of olive oil, the olives must be harvested by hand
and that before the olives are black or start to turn black, i.e. green (unripe). Added
comes that we get less oil from the unripe olives, which is why every year
a very limited amount of olive oil is made from it.

Quality olive oil depends on many factors such as the way it is grown, the harvest and the
Timing, oil production and storage.

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